Scavenger Hunt

Ay yi yi, I should probably write on this site more often. In order to login, I had to enter my password to this site. I couldn’t remember it, so I had to reset it. In order to do this, I had to login to my email account that is associate with this site. I could not remember the password to this email account, so I had to then go to an additional back-up email account in which gmail submitted password reset information. I couldn’t remember the password to this second gmail account, which I created for my Facebook page. So then I had to login to my ancient yahoo account to reset my Facebook gmail account. After I reset this, I was then able to reset my gmail account associated with this site. Then, I was able to reset the password associate with this WordPress site. Finally, I was able to login and share this frustrating yet all-too-common experience with all of you.

One would say that perhaps I have too many e-mail accounts. This is true. But don’t we all? Between our social media accounts, photo accounts such as Snapfish and Shutterfly, work accounts, job search site accounts, banking accounts and what ever else one has out there, one would think that we kept our passwords in a special place, similar to how one always puts their key in the same place. But no, we don’t, because we’re always having to f*#king change half these passwords. Even when I try to reset most of my accounts to the same password, it’s inevitable that over time I’ll slowly start changing them. The frustration I feel with keeping track of passwords is right up there with my weight loss struggles.

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