This is What I believe

If you’ve ever read or seen anything in the Fantasy genre, then you’ve seen the Messenger Raven. It’s the big, black ugly bird that delivers news on a scroll, always with a message of doom. Well, after having spent three glorious weeks with ‘Guy’ , I’m convinced that those birds or working for The Man, meaning men, meaning indecisive guys who are unsure about what they want out of a relationship. Or, they know exactly what they want – booty – and they don’t know a classy way to go about ending a short, though lustful, relationship. There is also the possibility that they don’t want to terminate the lustful relationship. Instead, they just want to slow it down, treating it like a rare delicacy.
Everything was going well with ‘Guy’ for the past month; he was attentive and always sent a kind daily message. BUT, the day I go to McDonalds and stuff my face, which is the same day I start my period, I don’t hear from him. This was yesterday. Today is day two of the curse and I have not heard from him. Some could say that I’m in denial, that he’s just not that in to me (i know this is a possibility). I, however, believe there is something else out there in the world that is giving him information about my eating habits, menstrual cycle and whatever else he wants to know. Why else would he go from attentive to MIA (I’m in denial)?
Is he already that in sync with my reproductive cycle, figuring that since I was so horny last week it must have been due to that time of the month? Will he contact me in about twenty days? Ahhh…

Update: Day 6 of menstrual cycle, he calls me. Yep, there is a source out there, probably Cupid’s arch nemesis, providing information to this guy.

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