Rant of the Week

1. In less than a week, Tinder has gone from an app that held endless possibilities of meeting men to a time waster at work, second to my hourly bathroom breaks. Tinder has resulted in “matches” leading to brief, dull, generic conversations that never have a formal ending. They just stop mid-dialogue, really.

It’s really become the equivalent to having a conversation with someone as you pass them on the sidewalk. You see them coming, they smile at you and ask a question. By the time you answer, they have already passed you by and your response has gone nowhere. It’s as if you’re talking to yourself.

Tinder sucks but so do a lot of tings in life that I’ve stuck with, so I’ll give it some more time

2. A man kept me up all night last night. This does not mean that he was in the same bed as me.

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