Rant of the Week

Rant of the Week

I’m so tired of all of these celebrity sites posting photos of Jessica Simpson’s makeover or Lauren Conrad’s new ‘do. I click on these stories and eagerly slide to the next picture, hoping to see something new and amazing. And all I see are two inches cut off, maybe with a few added layers. I’m tired of these damn celebrity sites leading me on. I have had guys dump me via texts and been less disappointed. At least when Britney Spears decided to change her hair, she shaved her head.

Second rant of the week: I’m so damn tired of these people boohooing because they are quarantined. First of all, if I returned from a work trip in Africa, whether I was a photographer, doctor, nurse, etc., I’d be exhausted and would like to spend days on end hanging out in my apartment, sleeping, catching up my my TV shows and eating pizza. Each day I’d order from a new place, making sure to pay by credit card and having the delivery driver leave the pizza on the door step. I mean, I’d get to drink all the wine I wanted and have time to be hung over!

And if I had to be quarantined in the hospital, well, that would not be as fun, but it still wouldn’t be all that bad. I doubt you’d get the wine, but you’d still get too catch up on lots of tabloid trash, maybe take a few online classes and estudias espanol. It wouldn’t be all that bad.

So people, if you have to spend some twenty to thirty days quarantined, chill out.

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