Ah yes, it’s that perfect time of the year where some days it’s falls and other days it’s still summer. Sometimes the day starts cool, peaks in the low 80s and ends up crisp and cool. I love this time of year because it means fall is peeking its leafy head around the corner.

This ‘tween season is also a challenging time because I never know what to wear, when to take my daily suburban hike or what to purchase for my evening cocktail. Do I go with an Ocktoberfest or still get a bottle of chilled Sauvignon Blanc? Really, I don’t know what to do until the evening, thus making daily visits to the liquor store. And speaking of stores, my car looks like I’m on my way to a resale store because I have to keep two laundry baskets in my back seat: one for sweaters and other layered clothing and another for shoes. I seriously do this. I can’t stand being cold, but being hot sucks too. I know these are only first world problems and I’m fortunate for these issues to be some of my daily challenges but believe me, I have many more daily challenges.

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