Dog Too Hot For Sweater

No matter the temperature outside, when you live in an apartment you’ve got to take your dog out. When it’s in the 90s, Sylvia, my dog gets less than 10 minute walks. Three minutes in her tongue is hanging out of her mouth and she’s panting. Because of this, I have no idea why some lady in my neighborhood had her Scottish Terrier wearing a red sweater. This sweater looked heavy too, like wool. I doubt it was but it was definitely a warm sweater. To make matters worse, this lady clearly knew it was summer because she was wearing a long, flowery summer dress. It looked like something Mrs. ? from Threes company would wear.

I’m thinking this lady is a little on the “cra-cra” side, has a total breakdown when she receives her partial QVC order because the rest of the goods are one backorder. As a result, furry fido gets scared and shakes. Therefore, Fido’s mother thinks he’s cold.

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