30’s Skin

All you women in your twenties and thirties know this (and I hope this does not apply to the ladies above their 30s; if so, I’m in trouble): Skin is temperamental and cannot make up its mind. Should I be oily? Should I be wrinkly? My skin apparently knows no limits and has decided to be both! I know I’m not alone here. I’m battling zits, oily skin and wrinkles, even a deep one. This is not okay.  If I added up all the money I spent on skin products over the years, I could actually pay off all my debt!

And with all of these at-home beauty products — teeth bleaching, hair coloring, why doesn’t someone come out with an at-home dual syringe/cortisone shot kit? You know, like those  double pen/highlighter things? They’d make millions and so would I, because I’d buy stock in it.

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