It all starts in school

 Happy hour has been indoctrinated into us since preschool. It started with snack time…and then twenty-five years later we’ve changed our calories from animal crackers and chocolate milk to alcohol.

Furthermore, Facebook is not to blame for society’s narcissism. Our first grade teacher is to blame. At least for me, that’s when ‘star of the week’ started, and show and tell. As we age, those mandatory “Look at Me” moments are taken away. Facebook and the rest of cyberspace gives it back to us.

And though we may receive a paycheck as a reward for all of our hard (though sometimes mediocre) work, rarely are we told that we’re appreciated. And we certainly don’t get a sheet with happy faces under each day of the week. If it weren’t for the Internet, how would people know how great we adults are?

Not finished with this post….

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