Waiting for the right role

I decided to take a break from job searching and reacquaint myself with one of my former dating sites.  Why not? I’m already in full on search mode, what’s one more thing to add to my list. Besides, I’m not really looking for anything serious (unless a wonderful, funny, smart man who can turn his head the other way when I pass gas and actually likes me comes along), but it’s always good to put yourself out there, never go away. This is sort of like when celebrates do those non-box office hits just to stay in the lime light. Women, never fully leave the lime light (though there’s always a shining star above all of us!).

So, I sign back on to my site, pay the $45 membership fee, since mine had expired, and contacted a handsome, smart, funny man. Of course he could have been a smurf for all I know, but I had to go by what was presented in cyberworld.

We send a couple of e-mails back and forth and then he asks for pictures. I send him my most recent ones, and here is his response: “Well, I don’t really think you’re my type but if you want to hook up, let me know.”  This fucker was acting like George Clooney doing a watch commercial only aired in Asia. “Oh,no one will see it. I need the money.”  This is also how men treat women sometimes when it comes to one night stands (yes, I know this can be true for all peoples and dating types). I am more than willing to be a guest star on a popular prime time show until I find my breakout role in masterpiece cinema, but I refuse to be a foreign commercial.

I cannot believe I paid $45 bucks for rejection. Immediate rejection.  Needless to say, I had a pity party and indulged in some vices.  But man, I was a job-searching machine the next day. And if rejection can lead to a job, thus money, I’m going to have to put myself out there more.

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